About the Company

Cortex Engineering Ltd. was established in 1995 as a developer and manufacturer of unique products for the military and the civilian market.

The company's main focus is in development, manufacturing and marketing of operational equipment and training equipment for combat engineering forces, sappers, Special Forces, bomb squad units, civilian companies specializing in mine clearance, and humanitarian organizations engaged in the mine clearance field.

Cortex Engineering Ltd. develops and manufactures unique equipment based on client requirements, while making use of internal company knowledge and military experts, in order to provide its clients with high quality and reliable products that fit the actual needs of users in the field.

Before mass production, the products undergo field tests by users from operational units.

The company staff is comprised of people with high practical knowledge and experience that accumulated over many years of specialized operations in the military, police, and other security forces.

Cortex Engineering is the exclusive representative of several leading companies abroad in the military and security field, as well as other companies in the following fields:

  •  explosion containment chambers
  •  robots for sabotage missions and military missions
  •  pyrotechnics
  •  mechanical equipment for mine clearance
  •  mobile x-ray systems
  •  ballistic protection
  •  personal cooling and heating systems

Among our clients: IDF, Israeli Police, Israel Aerospace Industries, Israeli Military Industries, privately owned companies, various militaries and security forces in the world, the UN, humanitarian organizations for mine clearance and more.