Designated Protective Helmet for Mine Clearance CDHV 50

Cortex Engineering LTD developed a designated protective helmet for humanitarian/civilian mine clearance work. The helmet was developed by cooperating with representatives from mine clearance organizations. The main goal for the developers was to develop the very best mine clearance helmet, under the following criteria:

  • Safety
  • User comfort
  • Compatibility to hot climates
  • Minimum weight

The helmet was developed in accordance with the GICHD (Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining) standards, and in accordance with the IMAS (International Mine Action Standards) standards in the protective equipment chapter (10.30).

The helmet itself is made from hard ABS plastic. The helmet is one size, and can be adjusted to various head sizes with a ratchet that is located in the back part of the helmet.

The helmet matches head dimension scope of 54cm to 62cm. In addition, the helmet is equipped with a fastening harness with 3 support areas; 2 on the sides of the head, and one on the back of the neck.

The helmet weight is only 900 grams, which makes it the lightest mine clearance helmet in the world.

The helmet includes ventilated areas along both central sides of the head.

The protective visor has a unique shape that provides a wide field of vision and maximum protection for the user’s head, face, and neck. The visor easily interfaces with the protective collar of protective suits or aprons, in order to create a single protective unit for the prevention of shrapnel in case of explosion.

The protective visor is made from polycarbonate and provides ballistic protection against shrapnel to a level of V50 250 m’/s’.

The visor provides a clear field of vision without optical distortions, thanks to the unique technology used to bend the visor.

The visor is provided with a fabric cover in order to protect against scratches while the helmet is not in use.

Technical Information

Helmet: ABS mold with a UV protector

Visor: Polycarbonate, 5mm thickness.

Protection Level

Helmet: EU-397

Visor: V50 250 m’/s’ 17 grain fragment IMAS 30.10; STANAG 2920

Weight: 900 grams

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