ATM – Advanced Training Mine

The Advanced Training Mine (ATM) is based on the body and mechanism of a live mine, but does not contain explosives.

Instead of explosive material, a special mechanism is installed inside the mine that activates a buzzer upon activation of the mine mechanism (mine fuze).

The mine’s mechanism is similar in properties and structure to a live mine; therefore the same amount of pressure will set it off.

The ATM was developed for the purpose of improving the training level of soldiers, by simulating a tangible indication for the activation of the mine in case it is stepped on, or in case of negligent treatment.

The Advanced Training Mine, developed by Cortex Engineering, is different from dummy mines (other training mines that are used around the world). Regular dummy mines only simulate a live mine’s external shape, but do not provide an indication to the deminer’s success in handling the mine, apart from discovering it in the ground. The ATM will provide immediate indication, in the form of a siren, the moment the mechanism is activated in a situation where the mine was not discovered but only stepped on or in a situation where the mine was discovered but was mishandled by the deminer and as a result the mechanism was activated.

Inside the body of the mine, where the explosive material is located in a live mine, there is an electronic system that includes the following components:

  • Main power switch
  • Electrical circuit
  • Micro switch
  • Buzzer/siren
  • Voltage output
  • Battery housing and battery

The mine’s mechanism is identical in its properties to a live mine mechanism. When the mechanism is activated (by stepping on the mine), the electrical circuit is closed, which activates the siren and discharges voltage to the voltage output in the mine. The voltage output in the mine can be connected to any pyrotechnical device in order to simulate a noise effect of a real explosion. Obviously, the pyrotechnical accessory must be placed at a safety distance from the mine, in accordance with the safety instructions of the accessory.

Training Level Improvement

Using the Advanced Training Mine significantly improves the level of training. The trainees reach a much higher level, in a shorter period of time. By using the ATM, the ability to provide a real indication to the trainees’ success in detecting the mines contributes to the training’s success in various ways:

  • The trainee is required to be very focused and cautious, since any mistake will cause the mine to activate.
  • The training session is more realistic and tangible.
  • The instructor in charge receives an unequivocal indication of a trainee’s ability to handle a mine.
  • The trainees’ motivation level increases; now they are fully aware that any of them can activate the mine while everyone else is watching.
  • Using regular dummy mines will prevent the trainee from develop the required sensitivity to handle a live mine. While handling the ATM, the trainee will receive a real and immediate feedback on his detection skill level.

Properties of the Advanced Training Mine

  • Based on the type of mine defined by the client.
  • The mine’s case/body and mechanism are identical to a live mine.
  • Arming and activation are identical to a live mine.
  • Activation threshold is identical to the required pressure in a live mine.
  • Multiple uses; resetting the mechanism within a few seconds.
  • A powerful siren.
  • Voltage output to connect pyrotechnical accessories for explosion simulation.
  • Voltage source: 9V battery.