Riot Protection Helmet

The Riot Protection Helmet is designed to provide full protection against non-ballistic threats of the cold weapon variety, such as rocks and sticks. The helmet provides full protection to the head, face, and neck.

The helmet is made from materials resistant to scratches from sharp weapons, and it is also shock resistant. All the helmet materials are non-flammable and self-extinguished.

The helmet is equipped with a protective visor that enables a wide field of vision. The protective visor is flexible and is able to sustain strong blows without breaking. In addition, the protector is highly resistant to chemical substances.

The inner part of the helmet is padded with sponge that is meant to block shocks and blows.

It is possible to add a protective sleeve to the neck area. It is made from PVC boards that include shock resistant sponge.

The helmet is equipped with a chin strap that is adjustable and has a quick connect buckle.

The helmets and visors come in various designs and models by client preference.