IED Training Kit

In any army dealing with guerilla warfare, a glaring need arise for the training of fighting forces and sappers in the identification, prevention of activation and confronting of terrorist Improvised Explosive Device - IED operated by various methods. There is a great shortage in training accessories by which commanders can demonstrate the variety of IEDs activation mechanisms being in use by the enemy and by which they could train their soldiers, insofar as possible, under conditions approximating anti-guerrilla warfare.

In order to provide a solution to this problem, Cortex Engineering has developed a kit that contains a number of boxes, each of which serves as an IED activation system under a different method. For training purposes, the instructor can select one of the boxes and use it to arm any one of a range of pyrotechnical devices used by the training unit. The pyrotechnical device can be an electrical detonator, thunder flash or any other means. In addition, each device has an internal buzzer which operates when the device is triggered.

The types of activation mechanisms found in each kit are:

  • Remote control sensor.
  • Infrared sensor.
  • Trip-wire booby trap.
  • Treading strips.

Power: 9v internal battery or external battery per client request.

Packing: The kit is transported in a plastic case.

By using this kit, the soldiers practice how to identify the charges and how to prevent their activation.

The kit enable to create a "real" scenario of facing IED in the field.

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