Ballistic Protective Helmet

The Ballistic Protective Helmet is used by military forces, police forces, Special Forces, and the UN forces. The helmets have 2 basic shapes:

  • MICH

The helmets are designed in a way that provides maximum user protection, while being easy to handle and be able to use other tools such as night vision goggles, communication equipment, weapons sight devices, and so on.

Ballistic Helmet PASGT

The helmets are made of Aramid layers that are glued with durable and bulletproof resin.

The helmet strap system provides a good fit to the user’s head. The helmet can be fitted to different head sizes and is very comfortable to wear.

The retention assembly system is built from the following parts:

  • Adjustable neck strap.
  • Side straps with a fastening buckle.
  • A double chin strap with a protective pad, including an adjustable quick connect buckle.

The helmet’s internal mount is made from a peripheral strap and from six harnesses extending to the center of the head, all of which can be adjusted and fastened to fit different head sizes, and to achieve stability and maximum comfort.

Installing accessories – by using designated, hard mounts, it is possible to attach special accessories to the helmet, such as a camera, night vision equipment, flashlight, etc.

The helmets are lightweight and ventilated.

The Ballistic Protective Helmets meet the required MIL-STD-662F military standard, they have been tested in accordance with NIJ STD 0106.01 standards, and are also durable up to IIIA protection level.



  Length mm Width mm Height mm Circumference mm
Small 240 mm 210 mm 152 mm 510-540
Medium 245 mm 215 mm 155 mm 540-580
Large 255 mm 222 mm 168 mm 580-620
X Large 270 mm 239 mm 173 mm 620-660

Protection Level:

Helmet: V50, 580 to 680 m’/s’, 17 grain fragment, bulletproof in accordance with NIJ to: 9mm, magnum 0.44

Weight: 1.1-1.4 kg (by protection level and size of helmet)

Colors: Olive green, Blue. Additional colors are available per client request.