Mine Mattress

Most existing mines today are pressure mines. These mines are activated when an applied weight reaches beyond the threshold mine activation weight. The weight, in most cases, ranges between 3-20 kg for AP (Anti–Personnel) mines, and ranges between 150-350 kg for AT (Anti-Tank) mines.

The purpose of the Mine Mattress is to be placed on the ground in a minefield, or in an area suspected to contain mines, and allow a person to stand or walk on it, without activating the potential mine underneath. Creating a sequence of Mine Mattresses close to each other, will create a safe passageway or a sort of "bridge" that will allow an unlimited number of soldiers to cross the minefield, or get to a casualty trapped in a minefield and rescue him safely.

Principles of Operation

The Mine Mattress prevents the activation of a mine by evenly distributing a person's weight over a large surface while he is standing on it, so that the applied weight on the mine located under the mattress, is significantly lower than the mine's activation threshold. The Mine Mattress is made of a hard stepping surface, located on the top part of the mattress, which is strapped to a flexible envelope underneath it. The envelope contains 5 compartments, each one containing a flexible air cushion. The air cushions are connected to each other by tubes and adapters, enabling air to flow between the air cushions, which balance the pressure in all cushions. The mattress flexibility makes it fit perfectly on the terrain, which enables the even distribution of the user's weight over the surface.


There are 3 ways to use the mine mattress:

  1.  Placing several mattresses in proximity to create a safe passageway in the minefield, in order to allow unlimited number of users to cross it..
  2.  Using the Mine Mattress to kneel or lay close to a mine in order to detect it and neutralize it.
  3.  Using the Mine Mattress to break through a minefield. The Mine Mattress serves as a base, enabling soldiers to enter the minefield and place Bangalore Torpedoes on the mattresses. The detonation creates a safe and a clean passage for men and vehicles.

Simple Operation

Before using the mattress, the treading surface must be strapped to the envelope and then the mattress must be inflated by mouth or by any air pump available, until the desired pressure level is achieved. At this stage the mattress is ready to use.


While the mattresses are in storage, the treading surface should be disconnected form the envelope.
All treading surfaces can be put together one next to the other to minimize storage volume and the envelope can be rolled and strapped


  1.  The size and flexibility of the mattress enables a user's weight distribution, and guarantees the prevention of mine activation.
  2.  Creating safe passage with Mine Mattresses allows crossing the minefield by an unlimited number of people without any need for special equipment.
  3.  It adapts to any type of terrain.
  4.  Based on inflatable air cushions, it's possible to fold the Mine Mattress to a small volume, for easy transport and storage.
  5.  Using the mattress requires only a short training session.
  6.  Can also be used to float personnel and equipment through water obstacles.

Technical Specifications

  •  Size: 70x70x13 cm'. or 27.5x27.5x5 inch
  •  Each mattress can carry up to 200kg'. or 440 pounds
  •  Weight: 3.2kg'. or 7 pounds
  •  Volume: 60 liters