EOD – Explosive Ordnance Disposal Helmet

The EOD Helmet is a specialized helmet for bomb disposal experts and bomb disposal work. The helmet is made from layers of Aramid fabric and provides ballistic protection against a variety of bullets and shrapnel.

The helmet strap system provides a good fit to the user’s head. The helmet can be fitted to different head sizes and is very comfortable to wear. The front of the helmet is a special protective visor that provides a wide field of vision and maximum user comfort.

The visor is made from acrylic polycarbonate.

It’s possible to combine the helmet with a communications system.

Protection Level:

Helmet: V50, 580 to 680 m’/s’, 17 grain fragment, bulletproof to 9mm, magnum 0.44

Visor: V50, 450 to 680 m’/s’ 17 grain fragment

Weight: 3-4.5 kg (by protection level)

Colors: Olive green, blue. Additional colors by client demand.