CDPV-300 has been especially designed for demines and technical personnel who work in demining operations and explosivesdeactivation or neutralization (Military or Police Units).

The vest is designed to provide the maximum possible protection against fragments cause by explosions of landmines or another explosive device.

In addition, the vest provides protection against gun bullets according to NIJ level IIIA

The vest provides front, back and side fragmentationand ballistics protection

In addition, there is an option to add a removable groin protector.

The vest include collar protector which is designed to perfectly fit with different types of protective visors and helmets.

CDPV-300  vest has been designed to conform with UN International Mine Action Standards (IMAS).


  • Front to back wrap around fragmentation protection
  • Removable groin fragmentation protector
  • Drug System in the upper back side of the vest to allow carry a weight of 120 kg in drag,
  • Shoulders protection as an option.
  • Armour panels sealed in a water proof cover
  • Washable Outer covers

Technical Specification

  • Ideal for military operations. It includes neck protection, pelvis and has a front and back plate holder to increase the level of protection.
  • The ballistic protection level corresponds to the NIJ III+ level, ultra high density polyethylene.(2 ballistic plates)
  • Absolute protection of the trunk, plus the neck, lower belly and genitals. That is, except the head, covers all vital areas of the body.
  • The cover manufactured with a fabric of high resistance to abrasion, tearing and ultraviolet rays, so that the vest can function for long time under extreme field conditions.

Protection Level:

Flexible panels: Level IIIA, per NIJ 0101.04.and V50 620m'/s' per MIL STD 662F
Hard Ballistic Plates: Level III+ ICW, per NIJ 0101.04
Ballistic Fabric: combination of UHDPE and ARAMID
Protection area: 0.54 m2.


The Outer Garment is guaranteed against inferior quality materials and workmanship for aperiod of 1 year.
The Armour Panels are guaranteed for a period of 5 years.
CDPV-300 can be supplied with the company / organization name or logo