Lightweight EOD suit – EOD-3000

EOD-3000 is a Lightweight Suit designed for Bomb Technician, sappers, and Bomb squad units. The main guidelines of the EOD-3000 design were operator's protection and comfort.

The suit and helmet are constructed from the latest in available materials and manufacturing methods.

The armour protection can be tailored to meet any pre-determined threat analysis. The armour comprises multiple layers of soft, water repellent Aramid encapsulated in an impermeable outer cover for additional protection.

Anti-trauma layering is included in the armour packs.

The outer cover of the suit is made from high strength, flame retardant fabric with superior UV stabilization.

The suit comprises of the following parts:

  • Helmet and visor
  • Vest with removable sleeves
  • Trousers
  • Overshoes

Protection Level:

V50 580m/s for 17grain fragment. Other protection level can be offered per client request.

Hard armour anti-blast plates can be added to provide dramatic increase in the level of protection to the center of the body.


The complete EOD-3000 Suit weighs approximately 9 kg'


Each suit is packed inside a tough water repellent Carry Bag.


The Outer Garment is guaranteed against inferior quality materials and workmanship for a period of one year. The Armour Panels are guaranteed for a period of 5 years

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